SD Policenauts, an RPG sequel to SD Snatcher

Most of us rely on sight to parse levels into individual elements, setpieces, segments, and so on. Soundvoyager has sparse visual elements, more as hints and aids than hard elements—what you’re really interacting with is a soundscape. How does level design come across when conveyed by sound rather than sight?

Cool info from developer CAE Jones! He’s got a hefty catalogue of audio games and utilities under his belt. Here, he discusses playing audio games, finding resources to build audio games, and finer aspects of audio game design.

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Yourself: cyclops is my "favorite" x man because he's the only one who is an interesting and conflicted character
Yourself: the other ones are all just 13-year-old fantasies
WarioFan63: Is Professor X a 13-year old fantasy
Fox: Are we practicing headlines for the Commune newspaper?
WarioFan63: Is that one of your click bait articles
Fox: I'll tell when you click my link
WarioFan63: This is just a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog bedsheets
Fox: Journalism strikes again


Who’s playing Azure Striker Gunvolt?


Hey! What makes a good track for F-Zero, the SNES one?

awwwww sheeeeet

Hey! What makes a good track for F-Zero, the SNES one?

Introductory podcast on Soundvoyager!

Soundvoyager challenges players to orient themselves in and navigate through space using sound alone. What challenges do you face when you can’t see where you’re going—you can only hear it?