here are some more neat looking games on Steam Greenlight to check out. i posted a list like this before. a few of them got greenlit! a lot of them haven’t. anyway here’s 14 more.

  • Hidden in Plain Sight — local multiplayer party game. there are a bunch of modes but the general idea is to…

i’m reblogging this because it is cool but pffff there’s no way i’ll have time to genuinely look at these games


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The Importance of Incidentals: Why I love coins


I feel like coins don’t get their due in games, they are a fabulous thing that serve many purposes and do so beautifully.

They are an incidental item most of the time, a thing that isn’t needed to get through the level, often not even counted towards a collectable goal. They are mostly a shiny item that when you reach 100 will give you an extra life. Yet even in the relatively little value they provide to the player they are the perfect tool for the level designer to use to guide the player through a level. Actually, the fact that they are of very little value makes them more valuable since you can then use them liberally.


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Reblogging for this thoughtful read.

…also, this reminded me to reupload an old essay of mine about Dragon Coins in Super Mario World.

Shatterhand/Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain Option Guide

The Commune crew ponders the nature of player feedback by way of numbers: health and points. Ben Ruiz even joined, lending his thoughts on health and points while also giving us insight on brawler mechanics. Whew! It’s a lot to take in.


Hey so this is a pretty cool new tumblr. A friend of mine had brought it to my attention and I think the whole idea sounds fantastic!

Basically, a Nintendo character is highlighted for 2 weeks at a time and the objective is to send in fan art of that character during the time period. No contest or anything, just a gallery showcasing enthusiastic Nintendo fans.

It’s a simple premise but it sounds like a great way to get Nintendo-creative once in a while. That’s something I can always give the seal of approval for.

The current character is Paint Roller from the Kirby series which is an appropriate way to get a blog like that off to a rolling start. I was little late in posting this because the period to send in stuff ends on the 15th, so if you’re thinking of honoring Paint Roller you better start now!

This week’s homework

Additionally, we need to come with at least one mechanic fully mapped out according to the guide set in Mechanics and Abstractions part 2.


oop. not that i don’t enjoy the ol’ porno-graph, but that wasn’t homework avoidance, that was the homework itself. just uh, homework in really big air quotes

RiffTrax, Game Boy, Hal/Electro Brain, 1991, Game Boy

RiffTrax, Game Boy, Hal/Electro Brain, 1991, Game Boy


i just




Beginning in the cave and ending in the uncertain future, Gamer Theory by McKenzie Wark takes us through some of the complex allegories and implications carried by the new medium of our present—videogames. What does it mean to be a gamer or playing the game? What are we playing with or…

i have no idea what this is and i can’t look now so this is a note to myself to do this a good look

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